I am an innovative writer, editor and designer. As a writer, I believe my role is to paint a picture in the mind of the reader. I use evocative vocabulary to ignite and inspire within a well-structured piece. 
My specialties include: SEO copywriting, blogging, curriculum development, press releases, email blasts, trivia, museum exhibit content, and feature articles.
Editing is a meticulous undertaking that many writers dread, but I really enjoy. My detail-oriented approach helps ensure that copy is clean and clear every time. 
My specialties include: landing pages, websites, blogs, Wikipedia pages, magazine articles, Wikipedia pages, graduate papers, and fiction.
As a certified graphic designer, my primary interest is in layout. In fact, my design journey sprang from a desire to create layouts that would complement my written work and photography. I believe that a layout’s goal must be to engage the target audience, while facilitating comprehension.
My specialties include: magazine layouts for digital and print mediums, brochures, packaging, newspaper advertisements, and stationery.
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